Working moms: the pros and cons of being a working mother


Working Mothers Definition

Working mothers are the ones who move out of the house for the purpose of earning money and also maintain household chores. The trend of being a housewife is now changing with the change & need of the time.

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Working Mothers Day

International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8 every year. It is a focal point in the movement for women’s rights.

Every single woman prefers khổng lồ work as they have the capability lớn balance both the work & family. It is now very rare that a girl does not prefer lớn work and chooses lớn remain at trang chủ as a housewife.

Working Mother Quotes from Most Powerful Women in the World

Former First Lady of the United States – Michelle Obama:

For me, being a mother made me a better professional, because coming home every night khổng lồ my girls reminded me what I was working for. Và being a professional made me a better mother because by pursuing my dreams, I was modelling for my girls how to pursue their dreams.”

YouTube CEO- Susan Wojcicki:

People assume it’s hard to have a child with the job I have, but my energy cấp độ is high. I also have a lot of resources at trang chủ and at work, not to mention the skills khổng lồ run a big organization.”

Facebook COO and Lean In tác giả Sheryl Sandberg:

When a couple announces that they are having a baby, everyone says ‘Congratulations!’ lớn the man & ‘Congratulations! What are you planning on doing about work?’ to the woman. The broadly held assumption is that raising their child is her responsibility. In more than thirty years, this perception has changed very little.”

Pepsico CEO Indra Nooyi:

You will look back và it will hurt lượt thích hell.”

Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington:

I think while all mothers khuyến mãi with guilt, working mothers are plagued by guilt on steroids.

Working Women Statistics và Survey

Advantages of Working Mothers:

Here we are mentioning you a few positive effects và negative effects of working mothers. They are

1. Working Mother Children are Smart:

The children of working mothers become smart and active as compared khổng lồ the children of non-working mothers. This is because of the fact that the mothers being working have to lớn move out of the house leaving all the household chores intact.

The children behind understand their responsibilities và manage to vì chưng all their tasks without being dependent on others, thus become smart và active enough.

Mothers working from Home: đứng top alternatives to 9-5 Jobs

2. Independent:

The children become independent as they don’t find their mother at trang chủ all day long and thus they are left with no other option than doing their homework, breakfast, packing bags for school, preparing uniforms and all such things of their own.

Doing all those little tasks that a child can vị on his own makes him independent and responsible. He or she no longer depend on others for their work and become co-operative lớn their mothers.

3. Inculcate good habits:

The working mothers are nowadays helped by their spouse in household chores after returning from work.

By seeing the fathers being a helping hand to lớn mothers, children learn good habits & inculcate manners of helping others as well as their mothers, thus in this way good habits are inculcated in them.

4. Mothers shower more love:

The mothers who are working ought to lớn remain away from home and their children for long hours & could not devote chất lượng time with them.

But the other way is good as well as when mothers are back from work and spend less time with their kids, they show all their love and affection for them. So this is also one of the advantages of being a working mother.

5. Financial help:

A working mother also adds khổng lồ the advantage of helping the family financially. It is beneficial as a woman becomes a helping hand to lớn the husband in terms of money. Apart from this they also are gaining important life skills.

This way family runs in a very smooth way without any financial difficulty và the kids also get the best as parents are able to lớn afford due to a good income level.

6. Kids get all facilities:

The woman when works, will be able to lớn help her spouse in money matters. This further helps in giving their children world-class facilities as they are not short of money in any way. The kids are able lớn join extra classes and other activities also.

In this way, they become intelligent and spontaneous in their working. Those children stand different than the children of non-working mothers.

7. Inspiration for kids:

The mothers when work, become an inspiration for their kids as they look up khổng lồ their mom and say that they aspire to lớn be lượt thích their moms in the near future.

Working moms not only work but also look after their children without any difficulty. So such kids need lớn look at others for inspiration, but they get khổng lồ see inspiration at home only. This way, they also learn to vì hard work in their life.

8. Life becomes exciting:

Non-working mothers remain at trang chủ and are not more outgoing. This way they are not able khổng lồ have or expand their friend circle, but the working mothers are able to bởi vì so và take their children out for outing whenever gets time. So that is the reason why every woman should work. 

In this way, the children also learn socializing, communicating and behaving in front of others.

9. Good standard of living:

A person can give his or her family a high standard of living và makes sure that no financial problem arises.

The kids also live life in a healthy & comfortable manner as all the comforts are provided by mom và dad.

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This is not exactly the case with a non-working woman & their kids might remain aloof of all pleasures & comforts the children need in today’s era.

10. No dependence on the husband:

The working woman does not have to lớn depend on the husband for money or any other thing.

She becomes independent and earns her own without relying on a husband. She is able khổng lồ fulfil all her wants and needs without being accountable khổng lồ anyone in the family.

Gender Equality at the Workplace:

Disadvantages of Working Mothers:

1. Tiredness:

After working for 10 hours continuously in office creates fatigue and tiredness. The activeness vanishes the moment the mother reaches home. This affects the whole family, including children, husband and the others in case of joint family.

Tiredness does not let the woman have an eye on her kids và this way kids may remain aloof for the whole day. Thus affecting the family life badly.

2. Health issues may arise:

A working mother has khổng lồ manage both house và office both at an equal level that too on a daily basis.

Having the same routine regularly without any rest may lead to lớn health issues & other problems which also ruins the family life.

If the mother becomes ill, the kids & the husband both are affected và this creates tension in one’s life.

3. Children may feel alone & fall into a bad company:

Children get freedom in excess when they don’t see mothers around to lớn stop them from vices. This way they may fall into bad company và inculcate vices in them.

Not only this, they might feel alone và find for the company as mothers are not available for kids due lớn work.

4. Mothers are not able lớn attend important school meetings of kids:

Due to lớn office work, working mothers are not able to lớn attend the school meetings, functions etc. Which may develop feelings of inferiority và guilt in them.

Such cases may over children going into depression, thus affecting their health to lớn a larger extent.

5. Less time for kids:

A working woman is not able khổng lồ devote chất lượng time to lớn their kids. This way the kids are not able to share their feelings và remain quite over the important matters. This makes them introvert & are not able to lớn express their feeling with parents. But this problem can be solved if they gain time management skills.

6. Children are kept in child care centres:

Mothers have to lớn keep their kids in childcare centres as there is no one lớn take care of them. Those kids remain void of love and motherly affection.

In such cases, the mother feels guilty for not sparing quality time lớn raise her kids và have to lớn compromise in the development of the kids.

7. Missing out first words, first steps of kids:

The mothers who work i.e. Are working have khổng lồ compromise in terms of motherly emotions and miss all the first words, steps và activities for kids. This way she has to kết thúc up with all her feeling just lớn earn a little more for her kids và family.

8. No helping hand:

If the husband is not helping the wife in household chores, it may cause difficulty for her as she then has to work 24 hours all alone without any help, it may affect co-operation và husband-wife relationship, resulting in the kết thúc of such a pious relation.

This way the whole family gets destroyed và even the future of children is affected.

9. Suffering harassment at workplace:

Working women often have khổng lồ suffer harassment lượt thích eve-teasing to even sexual harassment. Many women had to lớn go through all such on a daily basis. Whereas non-working woman does not have khổng lồ face all this.

10. Conclusion:

So, above are the advantages and disadvantages of being a working mother. Nowadays due lớn inflation & other economic problems it has become vital to lớn make more efforts for good earning. So for such a thing, a woman has to lớn earn và understand the responsibilities of her family.

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Keeping aside the disadvantages of being a working mother, one should be positive and strive to lớn see the advantages it offers a family. A working mother should feel proud of herself as she has the power to lớn give best lớn her family at the same time not forgetting her responsibilities. One thing a woman should keep in mind is that she should not get angry or irritated over kids rather should try & tackle kids with love, affection và patience.