One of my friends


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Name & class: ............................TESTExercise 1: Circle the best answer.1. One of ____________ a goldfish bowl on her kitchen table.a. My friend keepc. My friend keepsb. My friends keepd. My friends keeps2. Every ____________ love.a. Man, woman & child needsc. Man, woman and child needb. Men, women & children needsd. Men, women and children need3. One of the girls who ____________ in this office ____________ my niecea. Works / isb. Works / arec. Work / isd. Work / are4. Neither Lan nor her parents ____________ the film.a. Likeb. Likesc. Is liked. Are like5. Each ____________ the same as the day before.a. Days wasb. Day wasc. Days wered. Day were6. More men than ____________ left handed.a. Woman areb. Woman isc. Women are
d. Women is7. Every one of the students ____________ on time for classa. Isb. Arec. Wered. Have beenExercise 2: Give the correct size of the verbs in brackets.1. The news about Mr Hogan (be) ___________surprising.2. Fifty minutes (be)___________the maximum length of the time allowed for theexam.3. Many people in the world (not have) ___________enough food to eat.4. The poor (need)___________ help from the community.5. Listening to lớn loud music at rock concerts (cause)_______ hearing loss in someteenagers these days.6. There (be) ___________a lot of sheep in the field.7. Ten miles (be) ___________ too far to walk.8. Not only John but also his friends (want) ___________ to buy this race horse.9. A number of students (recently participate) ___________ in intensive languageprograms abroad.10. Sarah, along with đôi mươi students, (plan) ___________a party now.Exercise 3: Find the incorrect part A, B, C và D.1. Each of the rooms have its own bathroom.ABC D2. Everybody who have a fever must go home immediatelyA BCD3. Twenty five dollars are all I can afford khổng lồ pay for this recorder

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ABCDName và class: ............................TESTExercise 1: Circle the best answer.1. There ____________ some money on the table.a. Areb. Werec. Have beend. Is2. This information about taxes ____________ helpfula. Wereb. Have beenc. Isd. Are3. The vegetables in the bowl on the table ____________ fresh.a. Looksb. Smellsc. Ared. Is4. Writing ____________ her happya. Letter makesb. Letters makesc. Letter maked. Letters make5. None of the money robbed from the banks last year ____________ yet.a. Has been found b. Have been found c. Has found

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d. Have found6. My father và mother ____________ for the same company.a. Worksb. Workc. Is workingd. Has worked7. The elderly ____________ this kind of music, but the young ____________.a. Don’t lượt thích / does b. Doesn’t lượt thích / does c. Don’t like / vì d. Doesn’t lượt thích / doExercise 2: Give the correct size of the verbs in brackets.1. The number of students (be) ___________from Amercica .2. There (be) at least one window in every room.3. A lot of students in my class (speak) ___________ và (undrstand) ___________Spanish.4. The trousers Lan’s bought (not, go) ___________ best with her shirt.5. The information she gave me (be not) ___________valuable.6. The number of days in a week (be) ___________seven.7. Either you or he (have) ___________to vì the task.8. Two years without a job (be) ___________too long to be.9. Every girl và boy (be) ___________required to lớn have certain immunizations beforeenrolling in public school.10. Neither of John’s parents (be)___________ English.Exercise 3: Find the incorrect part A, B, C and D.1. All of the windows in my house was broken in the earthquake.ABCD1. The actress, along with her manager và some friends, are going to the party.AB