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The lotus flower is an important symbol in many cultures. Blooming at the beginning of each day, lotus flowers have come to tướng represent strength, resilience, and rebirth. In today’s drawing tutorial, we are going to tướng show you how to tướng draw a lotus step-by-step with our easy instructions! Once you have selected your drawing tools, we can begin our easy lotus drawing.

A Step-by-Step Lotus Flower Drawing Tutorial

Join us in learning how to tướng draw a lotus flower in our easy-to-follow guide. We will start with the basics by outlining the necessary shapes for our lotus flower drawing before moving on to tướng add color, texture, and highlights to tướng make our drawing look as realistic as possible.

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The below collage shows each of the 14 steps taken to tướng achieve the final result, and demonstrates what your lotus flower sketch will look lượt thích along the way. 

how to tướng draw lotus step by step

Whether you are a professional artist or merely starting our, our easy lotus drawing tutorial will teach you how to tướng draw a lotus in no time.

Select the drawing supplies that you will be using today and let’s get started!

Step 1: Construct the Seed Pod of Your Lotus Flower Sketch 

To begin your drawing, locate the center of your drawing area (whether it is on a piece of paper or a tablet). Draw a horizontal oval shape, which will be the main center of your lotus flower.

This will also represent the seed pod.

lotus drawing 1

Step 2: Draw the Main Flower Petals

After drawing the middle of your lotus flower, you will need to tướng add the main flower petals. Draw your top petals around the seed pod, making sure to tướng sketch them in a somewhat standing position.

lotus drawing 02

Step 3: Add the Side Petals to tướng Your Lotus Flower Drawing

We will continue to tướng draw our petals at this step of our lotus flower sketch tutorial. Around the top petals that you drew in the above step, sketch some side petals, making sure to tướng spread them out quite widely.

In order to tướng fill out the lotus flower, you should draw five side petals.

lotus drawing 03

Step 4: Outline the Bottom Lotus Flower Petals

This is the last step that requires you to tướng add petals to tướng your lotus flower sketch. Below the side petals that you have already drawn, you will need to tướng add some bottom petals. When drawing these bottom petals, sketch them with a slight angle ví that your drawing looks more realistic.

lotus drawing 04

Step 5: Create the Seed Pod and Stem

Now that all of your petals have been drawn, we can move on to tướng the seed pod and stem of your lotus flower drawing! In your oval, which represents your seed pod, add some small spiky edges throughout the center. 

To create your stem, simply draw two straight vertical lines underneath your bottom petals.

lotus drawing 05

Step 6: Add the First Coat of màu sắc to tướng Your Lotus Flower Sketch 

We can now add a base coat of color to tướng your easy lotus drawing! Using a regular paintbrush, select a pink color and evenly paint the entire lotus flower. Make sure to tướng leave the stem unpainted, as it will be painted using a different color.

lotus drawing 06

Step 7: màu sắc the Seed Pod and Stem    

At this step, we will finish with our base coat of colors for your lotus flower sketch. Moving onto the seed pod that you drew in step five, take a small brush and some yellow paint to tướng fill this section. 

With a regular paintbrush and some dark green paint, evenly color the stem.

lotus drawing 07

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Step 8: Add Some Lightening to tướng the Sketch

Once our base coat of color has been applied, we can start to tướng add some light and shade to tướng our lotus flower drawing. With a soft, small paintbrush and some white paint, gently brush the color from the middle of the flower in an upwards direction. This will help to tướng add some structure to tướng each petal and will enhance the texture that we will be adding in the next step!

lotus drawing 08

Step 9: Create Texture on Your Lotus Flower Drawing

This is where we will begin to tướng add some texture to tướng our easy lotus drawing. Take a fine, sharp paintbrush and a darker shade of pink, and begin to tướng lightly add some texture around the edges of the petals and inside the whole flower.

In order to tướng create a realistic effect, swipe your paintbrush across the lightened areas to tướng create fine textures.

lotus drawing 09

Step 10: Enhance the Texture of the Lotus Flower

At this stage of the drawing tutorial, we will enhance the texture in our lotus flower sketch that we added in the above step. With a sharp paintbrush and some dark pink paint, apply more delicate texture marks along the curves and body toàn thân of each petal. To complete this step, take a smaller paintbrush and more dark pink paint to tướng lightly add a darker coat along the edges of each petal.

lotus drawing 10

Step 11: Start Shading Your Easy Lotus Drawing

Now that all of our texture has been added, we can focus on the shading in our lotus flower sketch. Select a small paintbrush and light purple paint to tướng gently apply a casted shadow onto the bottom lotus petals, and around the bottom edges of each petal. In order to tướng apply some light shading around the gaps of each petal, take a small paintbrush, a mixture of yellow and red paint, and begin to tướng lightly dab the bottom of each middle petal.

You will need to tướng repeat this step with the middle top petals to tướng give them all a “glow”.

lotus flower sketch

Step 12: Highlight the Seed Pod        

Before we begin to tướng finalize our drawing, we will need to tướng add some highlights to tướng the seed pod. With a small soft brush and some white paint, dab the middle of the seed pod to tướng highlight the center. Complete this step by adding additional highlights to tướng the seed pod tips with a soft paintbrush and orange paint. Finally, blend all of the colors at the bottom of your seed pod.

draw a lotus

Step 13: Finalize the Stem of Your Lotus Flower 

Now that we are finished painting the lotus flower, we can quickly add some texture to tướng our flower stem. Using a soft paintbrush and some dark green paint, lightly add some texture and structure to tướng the stem. Take another paintbrush and Black paint to tướng add some shading to tướng the stem.

You will only add shading to tướng one side of the stem, making sure that it faces towards the other side without the Black paint. This will make your drawing seem as realistic as possible.

easy lotus drawing

Step 14: Finalize Your Entire Lotus Flower Sketch

In the final step, you will finish off your lotus flower drawing by removing any visible outlines. Take a sharp paintbrush and the corresponding colors of each section to tướng trace over the entire outline of the lotus flower. This will result in a seamless drawing without any harsh outlines remaining.

lotus flower drawing

Congratulations, you have just learned how to tướng draw a lotus step-by-step! As you can see, learning how to tướng draw a lotus flower is not complicated at all, and now that you have mastered this process, you can create your own lotus flower drawings for any occasion. We hope that you enjoyed our tutorial on easy lotus drawing, and that you will join us again for more exciting drawing guides!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Difficult to tướng Learn How to tướng Draw a Lotus?

Not at all! In general, drawing can be very daunting at first, especially if you have never done it much before, but our easy tutorial makes creating a lotus flower sketch very easy! Simply follow along with each step and learn how to tướng draw a lotus flower in no time.

How to tướng Draw a Lotus Step-by-Step?

In our drawing tutorial, we have provided you with 14 detailed, yet straightforward, steps to tướng follow in order to tướng create your very own lotus flower drawing. In order to tướng draw a lotus sketch as realistically as possible, focus on the shading and texture that you add to tướng your drawing, and remember to tướng have fun!