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Hanoi is my favorite đô thị in Vietnam. I wasn’t so sure after our first trip from two years ago, but a recent month-long stay made it clear.

Among the cities we’ve visited, we found Hoi An khổng lồ be the most charming. Saigon has the best food but Hanoi is the most liveable. It’s a big city, much bigger than Hoi An so there’s more to lớn do, but it doesn’t swallow you up like Saigon. It’s trang chủ to about the same population form size as Ho đưa ra Minh thành phố but it feels more intimate & inviting.

In fact, we plan on staying for at least a year in Vietnam & Hanoi will probably be our first stop. It’s one of our favorite cities so far & one we can really see ourselves living in.

Spend a few days exploring its tree-lined neighborhoods with crumbling but charming French colonial buildings and you’ll understand why.


This Hanoi travel guide is long and detailed. For your convenience, I’ve compiled links to hotels, tours, & other services here.


Top-rated hotels in Hoan Kiem, one of the best areas khổng lồ stay for people on their first trip khổng lồ Hanoi.



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Because of the current global situation, travel guidelines change regularly. Our friends at và airheart have created websites that menu detailed information on travel restrictions around the globe.

Before planning a trip lớn Hanoi, be sure to check or airheart for information on travel restrictions lớn Vietnam. If you vị decide to visit Hanoi, then you may want khổng lồ seriously consider getting travel insurance with COVID coverage.


Depending on your nationality, you may need an e-visa và medical declaration lớn visit Vietnam. I’m a Philippine passport holder so I can visit Vietnam visa-free for up lớn 21 days, but I wanted to stay for a whole month. I applied for an e-visa online through which allowed me a stay of up khổng lồ 30 days.

Requirements & fees may vary depending on what passport you carry, so you can visit for more information and to apply. In my case, the process was quick and easy.


Hanoi is Vietnam’s capital city. Located by the banks of the Red River in the northern half of the country, it’s the second-largest đô thị in Vietnam by population, behind only Saigon. It served as the capital of French Indochina from 1902-1954, before becoming the capital of a reunified Vietnam after the North’s victory in the Vietnam War.

Walk along its many tree-lined boulevards and you’ll see that Hanoi is an old city. It celebrated its millennial anniversary in 2010 though it’s said to lớn be much older than that, having been inhabited since at least 3,000 BC. Vestiges of Chinese and French colonial influence are everywhere, particularly in the Old & French Quarters which are home to thousands of colonial-era buildings.

Known as the “City of Lakes”, Hanoi is home to over two dozen lakes và a climate that mimics the four seasons.

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Technically, Hanoi has two main seasons – rainy (May-Sept) và dry (Oct-Apr) – though it does experience variances in weather that can simulate the four seasons. For the most ideal weather, it’s best lớn visit Hanoi in spring (Feb-Apr) or in the fall (Oct-Nov).

FEB-APRIL: Spring is one of the best times lớn visit Hanoi. The weather is mild with temperatures ranging between 15-20°C (59-68°F). The skies are clear from February till March but it does start to drizzle more frequently come April. Please lưu ý that Spring may also coincide with Tet (late Jan or early Feb) which is the Vietnamese New Year. It’s the most important celebration in Vietnamese culture so expect many establishments to lớn be closed during that time.

MAY-AUG: lượt thích the rest of Southeast Asia, summers in Hanoi are hot & humid. The average temperature is about 32°C (90°F). On đứng top of that, it’s officially the rainy season as well with July-August seeing the most rainfall.

SEPT-NOV: lượt thích Spring, Fall is an ideal time to visit Hanoi. The weather is mild with average temperatures hovering around 25°C (77°F). Skies become clearer in November & leaves turn golden-yellow, making it the perfect time khổng lồ explore the tree-lined boulevards around Hoan Kiem Lake. Fall is considered the most beautiful time to lớn visit Hanoi.

DEC-JAN: For a Southeast Asian country, it’s said that winters in Hanoi can be surprisingly cold. The average temperature is around 17°C (63°F), but it has been known to lớn drop down below 10°C (50°F). High humidity, wind chill, & a lack of building insulation make it seem even colder. Be sure khổng lồ dress appropriately should you decide khổng lồ visit Hanoi in winter.

I’ve been to lớn Hanoi twice – the first time in mid-April & more recently in early September. It didn’t rain at all in April though I did experience periods of rain in September. April was a great time khổng lồ visit though I think November và March would be even better.

Climate: Annual Monthly Weather in Hanoi

For more on Hanoi’s weather, kiểm tra out these climate graphs from I’ve also created average temperature và annual rainfall graphs with the most ideal months lớn visit marked in orange.

Average Temperature


Annual Rainfall



Assuming Hanoi is your port of entry into Vietnam, then you’ll probably be arriving at Noi Bai International Airport which is about 45 minutes from Hoan Kiem District. There are several ways khổng lồ get lớn your khách sạn from the airport.

BY PRIVATE TRANSFER: I’ve booked late night private transfers on both my trips lớn Hanoi. You can liên hệ your khách sạn and inquire about their rates or you can book a private transfer through Bookaway.

BY GRAB: Grab is efficient and relatively cheap in Vietnam. I booked a Grab khổng lồ go to lớn the airport early in the morning and paid VND 268,000. At the time, that was less than USD 12.

BY TAXI: We didn’t ride any taxis, but xe taxi scams seem to lớn be the one & only thing travelers complain about in Hanoi. Based on my research, it should cost you around USD 16-18 khổng lồ get to lớn the Old Quarter from the airport, so don’t fall for any scams telling you otherwise. Noi Bai has been called a hotbed for xe taxi scammers who either try to lớn overcharge you or take you to lớn the wrong khách sạn in the hopes of getting a commission. Lớn avoid being victimized by scams, arrange for a private transfer or use Grab instead. They’re cheaper và more reliable.

BY PRIVATE BUS: Jetstar, Vietnam Airlines, and VietJet run private minibuses that shuttle people from the airport to lớn designated stops in Hanoi (and back). I don’t know how much Jetstar or Vietnam Airlines charges but a one-way VietJet transfer costs VND 40,000 (less than USD 2). Follow this liên kết for more information on airport minibuses in Hanoi.

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We flew to Hanoi but there are other ways to lớn get there depending on where you are. I suggest checking Bookaway khổng lồ find route options available khổng lồ you. You can click on the link or use the widget below.