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"https://caodangmo.edu.vn/it-is-lovely-to-from-you-again/imager_2_1673_700.jpgLovely lớn See You"https://caodangmo.edu.vn/it-is-lovely-to-from-you-again/imager_2_1673_700.jpg is a 1969 tuy nhiên by the progressive rock band the Moody Blues. It was written by the band"https://caodangmo.edu.vn/it-is-lovely-to-from-you-again/imager_2_1673_700.jpgs guitarist Justin Hayward, and was recorded and released in 1969 on the Moody Blues album On the Threshold of a Dream. The song"https://caodangmo.edu.vn/it-is-lovely-to-from-you-again/imager_2_1673_700.jpgs popularity also led the Moody Blues to lớn name one of their live albums after it. Lovely lớn See You: Live was recorded at a performance at the Greek Theater, and was released in 2005, with the tuy vậy "https://caodangmo.edu.vn/it-is-lovely-to-from-you-again/imager_2_1673_700.jpgLovely to See You"https://caodangmo.edu.vn/it-is-lovely-to-from-you-again/imager_2_1673_700.jpg as the lead track. The tuy vậy was the first to lớn be played at the launch of the Bournemouth (UK) radio station 2CR. More »

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Wonderful day, for passing my wayKnock on my door và even the score with your eyes....Lovely to see you again my friendWalk along with me lớn the next bendDark cloud of fear is blowing awayNow that you"https://caodangmo.edu.vn/it-is-lovely-to-from-you-again/imager_2_1673_700.jpgre here, you"https://caodangmo.edu.vn/it-is-lovely-to-from-you-again/imager_2_1673_700.jpgre going to lớn stay, "https://caodangmo.edu.vn/it-is-lovely-to-from-you-again/imager_2_1673_700.jpgcause it"https://caodangmo.edu.vn/it-is-lovely-to-from-you-again/imager_2_1673_700.jpgsLovely lớn see you again my friendWalk along with me lớn the next bendTell us what you"https://caodangmo.edu.vn/it-is-lovely-to-from-you-again/imager_2_1673_700.jpgve seenIn far away forgotten landsWhere empires have turned back khổng lồ sandWonderful day for passing my wayKnock on my door, và even the score with your eyes..Lovely lớn see you again my friendWalk along with me lớn the next bend...

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The Moody Blues The Moody Blues are an English rock band. Among their innovations was a fusion with classical music, most notably in their 1967 album Days of Future Passed. More »


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