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This similarity yields equivalent performance in tasks where performance is dependent on the new semantic representation.
After collecting the information, it was summarized into tables to lớn compare the similarities and differences among the reports, but global conclusions are not drawn.
Moreover, molecular biology has taught us that superficial similarities in morphology can hide important differences in molecular architecture và biochemistry.
With regard to possible extraterrestrial life as well as artificial or robotic "life," however, a metric of similarity, while still important, may not be sufficient.
Further, quantitative measures of vocal performance (proportion of usage of well-formed syllables and vowel-like sounds) showed additional similarities between monolingual và bilingual infants.
The similarity of the two correlation functions indicates that dynamical effects vì chưng not contribute substantially lớn catalysis.
It follows that a theoretical hypothesis claims a similarity between a model and some part of the world.
The way information is processed in an imagining engine is similar to lớn that in the human brain in the aspects of functional and structural similarities.
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to speak or say something with unusual pauses or repeated sounds, either because of speech problems or because of fear or nervousness

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