Mausoleum was opened for public use on 29 August 1975. The mausoleum includes 3 floors with the total height of 21.6 m. The ground floor features 3-stored structure, the middle floor is center structure that contains a hall where Ho đưa ra Minh’s body toàn thân is preserved, corridors and staircases. The surroundings are square pillars made of granite, the top floor is the roof of 3-stored style. On the facade are the words “President Ho bỏ ra Minh” in red plum marble.

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Ho đưa ra Minh mausoleum is an important cultural architecture. The materials were collected from different regions all over the country. The sand was transported from Kim Boi stream in Hoa Binh by ethnic minority Muong; cobble stones were transported from streams of Son Duong, Chiem Hoa, Ngoi Thia, Tuyen Quang….; the stone lớn build the mausoleum was selected from every where such as domain authority Nhoi in Thanh Hoa, marble in nắm pagoda, red stone from Non Nuoc mountain; macadam from Hoan Thi quarry in Yen Bai. In addition, inhabitants in Truong Son range also contributed 16 fine types of wood. Various types of trees from different regions were also carried lớn decorate the mausoleum surrounding such as cay mang đến nau in Hung temple, hoa ban in Dien Bien-Lai Chau, bamboos in Cao Bang…. Young people also volunteer plucking up weeds, planting tree at the mausoleum construction site.


The mausoleum has square shape with 30 m length for each side. The door directs khổng lồ the East, and two 65 m tribunes for tourists are situated in 2 directions of the South & the North. In front of the mausoleum is bố Dinh square with a pathway for parade & a 380 m carpet divided into 240 green squares. Also established in front of the mausoleum is a flagpole, the national flag is pulled up at 6 o’clock in the morning & lowered at 9 o’clock in the evening everyday. Across from the plaza is Bac Son pathway where is planted plenty of roses & peach blossoms.

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To the West of the square is Ho chi Minh memorial area. This place is the location of Ho đưa ra Minh museum, Ho đưa ra Minh stilt house. Every year, Ho đưa ra Minh mausoleum welcomes many visitors from all over the country & the world.

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President Ho đưa ra Minh mausoleum opens 5 days a week except Monday and Friday from 7.30 khổng lồ 10.30 in hot season (1st April lớn 31st October) và from 8.00 to 11.00 in cold season (1st November to lớn 31st March of the following year); the opening time lasts 30 minutes longer on festivals, Saturday và Sunday. Every year, the mausoleum is closed for periodical repair in 2 months October & November.