Tải Bài Tập Tiếng Anh Lớp 8 Unit 5 Nâng Cao: Festivals In Vietnam

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Choose the best answer to lớn complete the sentences.

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1. Mid-Autumn Festival not only recalls the family love, _________ is also a festival for bothchildren & adults in Vietnam.a. Và b. But c. Yet d.therefore2. Tran Temple Festival lasts from the 15th-20th of lunar August. _________, visitors all over thecountry eagerly go on a pilgrimage far prior to lớn the day.a. Nevertheless b. Otherwise c. Therefore d. Moreover3. _________ the main worship event is taking place at Hung Temple, 100 lanterns are releasedinto the sky.a. Because b. Even though c. While d. If4. Lim Festival is among the most impressive festivals, ceremonies _________ singing events.a. Or b. But c. Yet d. And5. The navigation of the boat, called ghe ngo, requires great skills _________ it can easily beflipped.a. Therefore b. Because c.when d. Although6. _________ you consider yourself a culture enthusiast, Hue Arts Festival is a must.a.

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If b. Though c. Because d. As7. The festival only lasted for three days; _________ they spent nearly a month preparing for it.a. When b. Moreover c. Otherwise d. However8. In quang quẻ Ninh, you can go khổng lồ Yen Tu Mountain lớn attend the Yen Tu Festival, _________you can visit Ha Long Bay.a. So b.yet c.or d.otherwise9. _________ there are loads of festivals in Vietnam, Tet or Tet Nguyen Dan is the mostimportant one.a. Since b.Although c.When d. As long as10. Festival visitors can take part in cultural activities, such as visiting art galleries, historicalplaces & parks. _________, they can taste exotic food and dishes.a. Moreover b.Therefore c.However d.OtherwiseComplete each sentence with an appropriate preposition.

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1. The Lim Festival takes place every year _________ the 13th day of the first lunar month.2. Elephant Race Festival is held _________ Don Village, Dak Lak Province.3. Fishermen pray _________ the good fortune at Whale Festival.4. _________ the Mid-Autumn Festival, children carry beautiful lanterns.5. They decorate their homes _________kumquat trees và peach branches.6. The Hung King Temple Festival has become a public holiday _________ 2007.7. The Buddhist Festival lasts _________ three months from the first to the third lunar month.8. Foreigners are always keen ________ watching Vietnamese families prepare ________ Tet.9. At the Kate festival, Cham people take part _________ a procession khổng lồ the nearby temple.10. The Lunar New Year typically takes place _________ late January or early February.