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It’s a tall order đồ sộ find an animal that’s cuter phàn nàn an adorable squirrel. With their bushy tails, little faces and xinh tươi paws, it’s always a treat đồ sộ see one of these critters going about their day.

Their cuteness has made them a popular subject of artworks, truyền thông and even movies!

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If you love these furry cuties as well, then you may want đồ sộ learn how đồ sộ draw one. If ví, then this guide is the one for you!

We created this easy-to-use, step-by-step guide on how đồ sộ draw a squirrel đồ sộ show you how easy it can be.how đồ sộ draw squirrel in 6 steps

How đồ sộ Draw A Squirrel – Let’s get Started!

Step 1squirrel drawing step 1

To kick off this guide on how đồ sộ draw a squirrel, we will begin with the face. This step will be quite simple, as all you need is a curved, rounded line on the right-hand side.

Then, once you have that line drawn you can add a little round nose onto it as well.

Step 2 – Draw the ears and back of your squirrelsquirrel drawing step 2

We shall draw some ears and the back of your squirrel drawing in this second step. First, we shall focus on the ears.

Using the line that you drew in the previous step, carefully draw some rounded ears with some jagged lines đồ sộ give them a furry look.

These will go near the top of the line that will trang điểm the face.

Once you have the face and ears, you can start đồ sộ draw the back. As you can see in the reference image, this will come down as a curvy line down from the head.

This will help đồ sộ show that the squirrel is hunched over.

Step 3 – Next, draw the tail and legssquirrel drawing step 3

A squirrel wouldn’t be a squirrel at all without a big, bushy tail. Before we draw that, however, we should draw the limbs of the squirrel first.

First, draw a little arm for the squirrel beneath the head. Directly below that, you can draw a rounded thigh that has a flat leg at the bottom of it.

The foot will connect directly đồ sộ the back, as you can see in the reference image.

Now that the legs are drawn, you can add the iconic tail! The tail will come directly off the back of the squirrel drawing and is made of some very curvy, rounded lines.

Once you have it looking lượt thích the picture, you’re ready for step 4!

Step 4 – Now, draw the chest and other legssquirrel drawing step 4

We shall add some more details đồ sộ your drawing in this step of our guide on how đồ sộ draw a squirrel. First of all, use a jagged line at the chest đồ sộ create some fluffy fur there.

Then, use some more jagged lines lower down đồ sộ create a fluffy belly for your squirrel, and then you can draw in the other legs and arms đồ sộ complete this step.

Step 5 – Next, draw some eyes and final detailssquirrel drawing step 5

It’s time đồ sộ start drawing some final details before we move on đồ sộ the final step! The first details that we will add will be some facial elements.

First, you can use some circles within circles đồ sộ create some big eyes for your xinh tươi squirrel drawing.

Then a square shape coming down from the mouth will add some xinh tươi buckteeth đồ sộ the face, and then you can finish off the other smaller details of the face.

Some dots on the cheeks will help đồ sộ create some whisker spots, and you can also draw some lines inside the ears đồ sộ create the inner ear area.

Finally, some lines on the tail will help đồ sộ add some depth đồ sộ it.

These are the details that we chose for our picture, but you could even add some of your own if you would lượt thích to!

Step 6 – Finish off your squirrel drawing with some colorsquirrel drawing step 6

The last step of our guide on how đồ sộ draw a squirrel is the one where you can take over and show us how creative with colors you can be!

We used a brown color scheme for our squirrel, but you should use whichever colors you would lượt thích for your own squirrel drawing.

Squirrels come in many different color variations, ví even if you would lượt thích đồ sộ keep your drawing more realistic you have a lot of options at your disposal.

However, you could also use your favorite bright colors as well for a more stylistic appearance đồ sộ your squirrel!

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Once you know which colors you would lượt thích for your drawing, the only thing left đồ sộ decide is which art mediums you will use for it.

Whether you decide on brighter colors using some acrylic paints or colored pens, or more muted tones with something lượt thích watercolors or colored pencils, you’ll have some amazing colors for your squirrel!

Do this đồ sộ take your squirrel drawing đồ sộ the next level

Make your squirrel sketch even cuter with these fun tips and tricks!

Seeing a squirrel in your yard is always a great sight, but it’s even better if you see more phàn nàn one!

That also brings us đồ sộ the first suggestion for this squirrel drawing.

This xinh tươi little one could use a friend, and now you know how đồ sộ tự it. Simply follow the steps of the guide and try đồ sộ change things up a bit.

For example, the second squirrel could be facing a different direction or have a new facial expression. What kinds of situations tự you think you could put a pair of xinh tươi squirrels into?

Another way you can make your drawing of a squirrel better would be by adding some objects for it đồ sộ interact with. Everyone knows that squirrels love acorns, and you could draw one in the paws of this squirrel!

That’s one idea, but there are ví many other objects that you could go for. Squirrels love đồ sộ hold things, ví there are all sorts of things this one could have found.

When you have decided whether đồ sộ add another squirrel or not, you can also finish off with a background. We mentioned how you will often see squirrels in yards, ví that is one idea for a background setting.

That may be one idea, but there are plenty of settings you could choose. Maybe it could be sitting in a forest or maybe something even more creative lượt thích a squirrel tiệc nhỏ.

What are some settings you can think of?

Lastly, you can really elevate this squirrel sketch even further with the art tools and mediums you use.

We covered some of the art tools you could use as well as some colors, but you should really try and experiment.

Different mediums can also help you đồ sộ achieve various textures. For instance, if you used lots of small strokes of a paintbrush you can create the look of fur on the squirrel.

What kinds of colors tự you think you will use?

Your Squirrel Drawing is Complete

You’ve completed all of the steps in our guide on how đồ sộ draw a squirrel, and now you have a new squirrel friend!

We really hope that this guide was helpful for you, as breaking a new drawing down into simpler steps is the best way đồ sộ master any new subject.

This guide is just the start, though, as now you can use it as a basis đồ sộ create your own unique variations!

You could change elements such as the positioning and expression of your squirrel as some examples.

You could take it even further by drawing a beautiful background, or perhaps by drawing a second squirrel đồ sộ join your first one!

The colors you use are also a great way đồ sộ put your own spin on your image, and you can have lots of fun experimenting with different art mediums and techniques.

We have many more wonderful step-by-step drawing guides for you đồ sộ enjoy on our trang web, ví be sure đồ sộ kiểm tra out what we have for you!

We also will be bringing out many more frequently, ví be sure đồ sộ kiểm tra in often đồ sộ never miss out on the newest guides we have for you.

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Once you have finished your incredible squirrel drawing, we would love đồ sộ see it!

Please feel không tính phí đồ sộ share your artwork on our Facebook and Pinterest pages ví that we can enjoy your incredible creativity! We can’t wait đồ sộ see what you have created.

how đồ sộ draw a squirrel in 6 easy steps