Exercise 11. Detroit is renowned for theproductof cars. PRODUCE2. If you make a goodimpression at the interview, you will get the job. IMPRESS3. Teaching & medicine are more thanoccupation , they"re professions. OCCUPY4. My history teacher has a vastknowledge of past events. KNOW5. You are never too old to go lớn college & gain somequalification . QUALIFY6. My greatestachievement was graduating from the university. ACHIEVE7. The weatherman said there is a strongpossibilityof rain today. POSSIBLE8. Some old laws are no longer effective . EFFECT9. Athens isfamous for its ancient buildings. FAME10. He was caught shoplifting so now he has acriminal record. CRIME11. Despite her severe disability, she fulfilled her goals in life. DISABLE12. Beingunemployed is the worst thing that can happen khổng lồ someone. EMPLOY13. If you buy presents in the summer yoursaving can be very high. SAVE14. Due to lớn the pilot"s guidance, the copilot managed khổng lồ land safely. GUIDE15. It"s important to lớn also see the lessdesiredsides of the job. DESIRE16. I was surprised at hisrefusalto give up. REFUSE17. Children are by nature awareness of danger. AWARE18.

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She is alwaysrespectedtowards her parents. RESPECT19. The hospital has the best medicalequipment và fast ambulances. EQUIP20. You can relax in the comfortablesurroundingof the hotel. SURROUND21. Theentrance looked dark and there were hardly any other guests. ENTER22. Artists must be creative, otherwise they just repeat what they see or hear. CREATE23. Why are you socritical of his work? He"s just doing his best. CRITIC24. Have you made up your mind? We need to lớn know yourdecision as soon as possible. DECIDE25. He"s too shy khổng lồ look peopledirectlywhen he talks to them. DIRECT26. Have they put the Christmasdecoration yet? DECORATE27. They put too many unnecesaryaddition in food. ADD28. Ihonestlythink that there"s no point in arguing with him. Just ignore him. HONEST29. Extraterrestrial life has not beenscientificproved yet. SCIENCE30. Why don"t you hotline theelectricity if the lights don"t work? ELECTRIC31. Music & television are forms ofentertainment. ENTERTAIN32. The concert didn"t live up khổng lồ our expectation . EXPECT33. The electric company admitted theirresponsefor the blackout. RESPOND34. Did you use lớn have allowableas a child? ALLOW35. I don"t lượt thích those trousers, no matter howfashionable they are. FASHION36. Life expectation varies according lớn country & gender. EXPECT

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