Choose The Underlined Part Among A, B, C Or D That Needs Correcting: David Asked Me Telling Him The Time


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I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the otherwords.

Bạn đang xem: Choose the underlined part among a, b, c or d that needs correcting: david asked me telling him the time

1) A. Pretty B. Pretend C. D. Prepare2) A. Teachers B. Arrives C. D. Combs3) A. Corn B. Cup C. Can D. City

II. Choose the word that has stress pattern different from that of the other words.4) A. Illiteracy B. Province C. Primary D. Country

5) A. Eradicate B. Minority C. Chiến dịch D. Ethnic

6) A. Highland B. Northern C. Village D. Effective


I. Choose the best answer khổng lồ complete each sentence.

7) The ... Of masses is an essential educational way of our các buổi party and people.A. Generalization B. Role C. Duty D. Universalization

8) The loving-peace people have been working for the ... Of World Peace.A. Access B. Glory C. Success D. Promotion

9) There is a ... To lớn raise money for the needy.

A. Chiến dịch B. Mobilization C. Movement D. A và B

10) A group of people from a particular or of a particular race living in a country where themain group is of different culture or race is called...

A. Mountaineers B. Ethnic minority

C. Nations D. Undeveloped people

11) The new tax policy comes into effect next month.

A. Comes into use B. Begins to apply C. Starts D. A và B

12) A situation in which something is happening or a lot of things are being done isa(n) ... .

A. Work B. Action C. Activity D. Happening

13) You’re ... Your time trying to persuade him; he’ll never help you.A. Wasting B. Spending C. Losing D. Missing

14) The most important thing we should do now is khổng lồ tackle the problem ofwidespread ... .

A. Illiterate B. Illiteracy C. Literate D. Literacy15) Someone told us ... Sit on the stairs.

A. Don’t B. Not C. Not to D. Khổng lồ not16) “Don’t forget to ring me”

A. I advised David khổng lồ ring me B. I reminded David lớn ring meC. I offered to lớn be rung D. You promised to lớn ring me

17) The doctor advised him ... Và to take up some sport.

A. Stop smoke B. Stop smoking

C. To lớn stop smoking D. To lớn stop lớn smoke

18) I have told him never ... To buy some potatoes on the way home.A. Come B. Comes C. Came D. Khổng lồ come

19) Professional people expect ... When it is necessary to cancel an appointment. A. You to hotline them B. That you would hotline them


20) ... Me to lớn phone them before I go out.

A. Remind B. Remember C. Mention D. Make 21) The conductor asked ... In the bus.

A. Them to lớn please not lớn smoke B. That they should not smokeC. Them not to lớn smoke D. Them not khổng lồ smoke

22) He told us to wait him at the bus stop ... .

A. Tomorrow B. Next Sunday C. Yesterday D. The previous dayII. Choose the underlined part among A, B, C or D that needs correcting.

23) David asked me telling him the time. A B C D

24) I warned them not climb the mountain in such bad weather.

25)They voluntarily spent their vacations to teach illiterate people to read & write. A B C D

26) The policeman ordered the suspect khổng lồ not remove his hands from the car. A B C D

27) The teacher told us lớn keep quietly during the lesson. A B C D

III. Write the following sentences in Reported Speech. 28) “You had better go to the doctor”.

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He urged me... 29) “You’ve got to lend me some money!”

He begged me... 30) “Give me your homework.”

The teacher told us... 31) “Please, don’t smoke in my car.”

He asked us... 32) “I’ll buy you an ice-cream.”

My Dad promised... 33) “Would you like to have a drink with me?”

He invited me... 34) “You should give up smoking.”

The doctor advised me... 35) “Don’t shoot.”

The General ordered us...C. READING

Read the passage và choose one correct answer for each question. PARENTS’ DREAMS


appreciate these sacrifices và remain close to lớn their parents. However, other children feelashamed that their parents are so different from other Americans.

36) Parents often dream of ... A. Their children’s making a lot of money in the future. B. One day seeing their children become famous people.

C. One day living on their children’s money. D. A bright future for their children.

37) Parents who come home from U.S from foreign countries hope that ... A. Their children will have a lot of careers.

B. Their children become successful directors.

C. Their children will have more opportunities for good education. D. Their children will make a lot of sacrifices.

38) Parents think their children will remain close lớn them because... A. They give their children a lot of money.

B. Of the sacrifices

C. They know their children will be successful in the future. D. They are living in a foreign country.

39) The word career in line 5 is closest in meaning lớn ... A. Education B. Travel C. Subject D. Profession

40) The word close in line 7 is closest in meaning to ... A. Dear B. Friendly C. Helpful D. Kind


Arrange these words or groups of words in the correct order. 41) Jerry/ that/ khổng lồ lend/ asked/ days/ before/ two/ pen/ John/ him

... 42) to return/ John/ to/ next/ it/ day/ promised/ her/ the

... 43) I/ Saturday/ Pam/ on/ to/ the/ invited/ cinema/ to go

... 44) letter/ Diana/ Sue/ the/ for/ reminded/ khổng lồ post/ her


45) formal/ everyone/ school/ education/ after/ leave/ Not/ should/ a/ they/ follow



I. 1) A. Pretty 2) C. 3) D. City

II. 4) A. Illiteracy 5) D. Ethnic 6) D. EffectiveB. VOCABULARY & GRAMMAR

I. 7) D. Universalization 8) D. Promotion 9) D. A & B 10) B. Ethnic minority 11) D. A & B 12) C. Activity 13) B. Spending 14) B. Illiteracy

15) C. Not lớn 16) B. I reminded David lớn ring me 17) C. Khổng lồ stop smoking 18) D. Khổng lồ come 19) A. You to điện thoại tư vấn them 20) A. Remind

21) C. Them not lớn smoke 22) D. The previous dayII. 23) B. To lớn tell 24) B. To lớn climb 25) B. Teaching


29) He begged me to lớn lend him some money.

30) The teacher told us to lớn give him our homework. 31) He asked us not to lớn smoke in his car.

32) My Dad promised to lớn buy me an ice-cream. 33) He invited me to have a drink with him.

34) The doctor advised me to give up smoking. 35) The General ordered us not to lớn shoot.


36) D. A bright future for their children.

37) C. Their children will have more opportunities for good education. 38) B. Of the sacrifices 39) D. Profession 40) A. Dear


41) John asked Jerry to lớn lend him that pen two days before. 42) John promised khổng lồ return it to lớn her the next day.

43) I invited Pam lớn go to the cinema on Saturday. 44) Diana reminded Sue lớn post the letter for her.

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45) Not everyone follow a formal education after they leave school.

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