Gary, Marty, I just got home.

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I just got home; I"m not going into quarantine.I just got home from an out of town case.I just got home và found my wife dead in the bathtub.Paul, I just got home.I just got home. Clark?Gary, I just got home.I told you, I just got home.I just got home, my phone was dead.I just got home và I was thinking about how sweet you are.Sabine, my love, I just got home & couldn"t wait lớn write you.It"s me. I just got home và my front door is wide open.I don"t think so, but I just got home.I just got home, & I just saw what you did.Honey, I just got home, & I haven"t cooked anything, we don"t have any food in the house, and...So I just got home.I just got home lớn get changed but I don"t think I have enough time lớn get changed now.I just got home, and I"m having a little snack.Leave me alone, I just got home.

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I just got home from work.

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Preferred Form: I just came home

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I... Was feeling sick, & I just came home to lớn take a bath.I just came home to shower và change.I just came home this morning to lớn change my shirt.I just came home from work at the nail salon.I just came home and there she was.I just- I just came home to tell you I"ve got to pull an all-nighter.I just came home for a second. I"m going out again.I"m talking about when I just came home, và my negligee was all scrunched up on the floor, and the bed was messed up.No, I just came home, and I saw was lying there, dead.I just came home lớn shower, & changed clothes và straight back khổng lồ work và start the whole thing all over again.

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I just came home from work,

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