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To use this converter, just choose a unit to convert from, a unit lớn convert to, then type the value you want khổng lồ convert. The result will be shown immediately.

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This converter accepts decimal, integer & fractional values as input, so you can input đầu vào values like: 1, 4, 0.5, 1.9, 1/2, 3 1/2, etc.

Note that to lớn enter a mixed number lượt thích 1 1/2, you show leave a space between the integer and the fraction.

The numerical result exactness will be according to de number o significant figures that you choose.

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When the result shows one or more fractions, you should consider its colors according to the table below:

Exact fraction or 0% 1% 2% 5%10%15%

These colors represent the maximum approximation error for each fraction. If the error does not fit your need, you should use the decimal value và possibly increase the number of significant figures.

Please, if you find any issues in this calculator, or if you have any suggestions, please tương tác us.

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litersmilliliterscubic centimeters (cc)cubic meterscupsfluid ouncestablespoonsteaspoonsquartsgallonspintsimperial gallonsimperial pintsdropsbarrels of oilcubic feetcubic inches↺litersmilliliterscubic centimeters (cc)cubic meterscupsfluid ouncestablespoonsteaspoonsquartsgallonspintsimperial gallonsimperial pintsdropsbarrels of oilcubic feetcubic inches= Swap unitsShow table
Significant Figures:
Maximum denominator for fractions:

The maximum approximation error for the fractions shown in this ứng dụng are according with these colors:

Exact fraction 1% 2% 5%10%15%

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Examples of Volume Conversions

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